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June Election Brings Renewed Commitment to the Library

The Friends of the Rockridge Library, the Oakland Public Library, and library supporters and users across the city were ecstatic with the news that Measure D passed with almost 77% of the vote. Oaklanders agreed that libraries are cornerstones of our vibrant neighborhoods, and we’re so pleased people came out to support the library with their votes. Thanks to all of the grassroots organizers, the phone bankers, the door knockers, the emails, social media, everyone who talked

about Measure D and encouraged neighbors to vote in support of our library.

With the city’s commitment and the funds secured, we’re starting to hear about plans for the library. A very popular change is the return to six days of service (just typing that phrase fills me with joy!) that will make an appearance in January 2019. You can also expect to see new faces around the library, as a bevy of new staff will be hired to join our fully-staffed library. You may have heard that the beloved Director, Gerry Garzon, retired earlier this year. The search process is in full swing with a number of pubic community meetings and surveys that just wrapped up in June. Lots of changes coming to the Oakland Public Library!

What won’t change are the creative and thoughtful programs, the insightful and smart staff, and the materials and computer resources each library possesses. If you haven’t been to the Rockridge branch lately, I encourage you to visit during the summer months to enjoy a program or sign up for summer reading, which is available for youth AND adults (that means even adults get prizes for reading!). Enjoy the summer at your library.

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