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We celebrated 20 years!

The big celebration came and went, and we're still basking in a revelatory whirlwind of community spirit. The energy was high, the popcorn kept coming, kids, adults, teens, everyone was so happy to celebrate one of our favorite institutions: the Rockridge Library.

The Friends of the Rockridge Library were there in force, talking about how community support powers our library. With a bit of prodding from Erica Siskind, we even had a moment of silliness when she suggested she take over our info table so we could don costumes in the party photo booth.

Here's proof of what happened when we left our table for just a moment. ------------>

We're so proud of the library and staff for all of their hard work and we're brimming with happiness over how many people agree that the library deserves to be celebrated each and every day.

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