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Oakland Public Library Expands Hours

As of April 1, all Oakland Public Library locations have expanded their days and hours of service.

The increase comes as a result of Measure D, a parcel tax that passed with 76.9 percent of the vote on the June 2018 ballot. The library system last increased operating hours 15 years ago in 2004.

The Rockridge Branch library is now open six days per week, including Mondays, which were previously closed. Additionally, the branch is open until 8:00 PM on Wednesday nights.

Prior to the change, Tuesday was the only evening of service. Sundays and Friday mornings remain closed at the Rockridge branch, although the Main Library downtown is open at those times.

“We are truly excited to increase access to libraries across Oakland,” said Director of Library Services Jamie Turbak in a press release. “We hope that everyone will take advantage of our evening hours, extra days of service, and additional programs and resources.”

The Rockridge Branch will soon benefit from additional employees in order to fully staff the added hours of service and to facilitate increased programming for children, teens and adults. Expect to see some new faces behind the counter on your spring visits to the branch.

The Friends of the Rockridge Library, a volunteer non-profit organization that supports the library, continues to collaborate with branch staff to assist with materials and activities that are not covered under the city budget.

“Several board members of the Friends of the Rockridge Library were very active in the Measure D campaign and worked really hard for this. We are so excited that less than a year later we are seeing such a big impact,” said Elizabeth Falkner President.

“Through generous donations from the community, the Friends of the Rockridge has been able to support many ideas and programs formulated by branch librarians and staff. Having more open hours means more opportunities to expand activities and see the materials that we fund get even more use,” she said.

For a full list of new Oakland Public Library hours, pick up a flyer at the Rockridge Branch or visit

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