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Ready, set, action!

Youth aged 9-14 are gearing up to transfer their creative visions to digital film. And they're going to learn how to do it at the library! When Erica Siskind, Children's Librarian, shared her idea to pair the very popular 90-Second Newbery Award program with an educational workshop, we at FORL were thrilled with the idea! And now the workshop is about to start, tomorrow, April 21st from 10am - 4pm. More details on the Oakland Public Library web site.

When I saw Erica today, she was brimming with excitement for the workshop to begin. Erica smartly gathered technology from other branches and FORL board members in the case attendees need some extra tools. That's an easy-to-use Flip cam I'm handing her in case someone needs it tomorrow.

This workshop is just one example of how the librarians at our beloved library take time to consider what the community wants, and then designs programs and services to delight and enrich. The 90-Second Newbery Award event has been happening for a few years at the Rockridge library, gaining a following and increasing in popularity. Erica noted that youth in the area could benefit from real training from an expert--James Kennedy--who not only has the requisite skills, but a commitment to sharing his zeal for video-making with youth. A perfect match.

We're honored to fund this creative project for our community, and we can't wait to see what the attendees whip up tomorrow!

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