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Measure D: rounding up support!

It's National Library Week, which means each day people across the country take a moment to laud our libraries. Today is Take Action Day for Libraries, and the best way to do that is to talk about the upcoming vote to support the libraries we love.

This week members of the Friends of the Rockridge Library joined representatives from the Friends of the Oakland Public Libraries at PTA meetings in Oakland to promote the importance of our libraries and the critical need for community support this June when Measure D is on the ballot. It was fun, informative, and so heartening to receive enthusiastic support from community members who agree that libraries are significant neighborhood resources.

Everyone present received this great handout that covers how Measure D supports libraries:

  • Prevent library closures (FOUR libraries may close!)

  • Provide safe places for children and teens after schools (increase the hours and days open!)

  • Maintain youth reading programs and services for seniors

  • Keep libraries safe and welcoming

  • Provide literacy service for families and adults.

It's hard to imagine closing library doors and reducing services. Please visit Protect Oakland Libraries to learn how you can help the campaign protect our beloved libraries.

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