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You can check out the Internet at the library

Of all the things you might check out at a library--books, DVDs, laptops, toys, tools, museum passes--did you know that it's possible to take the Internet home, too? A new program at the Oakland Public Library allows patrons to check out a mobile hot spot, a small, plastic piece of hardware that connects your devices to the Internet.

This novel idea is just starting to take hold in public libraries, and the Oakland Public Library is at the forefront of it. TechSoup, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that supports public libraries and nonprofits, tracked down staff at the Oakland Public Library to learn more about how they're using this smart solution at their branches. Read on to learn more about this exciting new service from the Oakland Public Library.

For now, the hotspots are available at only Melrose, Main, West Oakland, and Brookfield locations. I've heard murmurings about desires to expand this program; I'll be sure to post and update when I hear the news.

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