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Oakland Public Library Takes Action Against Islamophobia

The Oakland Public Library is a special place for many. One of the main reasons this is true is due to its intention and attention to its varied neighborhoods and communities the library serves. This is hard work, longterm work, and often work that is invisible to those who use the library. But it's there, this sense that everyone is welcome, that people who walk in the library are seen and valued.

The School Library Journal recently published a thoughtful article on the library's concerns about increasing Islamophobia and racism in Oakland and the various ways the library is focusing its attention on this issue. True to form, librarians and staff addressed this concerning development in programs and services, like discussions, film screenings, and a booklist developed by Erica Siskind, Rockridge Library's Children's Librarian.

There's much to be proud of in this article, and I invite you to read it and consider how our community might partner with our library to delve deep into difficult conversations and topics. Our library should include all, and our community is a part of making that happen.

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