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A perfect pairing

You might not pair wine and watercolors, but your library did, and the result was fantastic.

Ally Hack, a Librarian at the Rockridge branch, dreamed up a new program for the library: what would happen if you paired wine tasting at a local establishment with learning to paint at the library? This Friends-sponsored event was an experiment in creativity and fun, and the smiles on attendees' faces made it all worthwhile.

The program started off at the Barrel Room on College street, where the group tried some Eastern European wines, "which was new to most, if not all of us," shared Ally. She continued, "my personal fave was the Piquentum Blanc Malvasia from Croatia, which we learned from proprietor Carolyn Johnson is made from grapes grown in 'flysch-rich white soil unique to Istria.'"

The friendly and chatty group returned to the library to dip their brushes in watercolors, guided by Wendy Sonenson, who discussed watercolor techniques and demonstrated how to paint grapes and wine glasses. Wendy shared a pro tip with the group that will likely stick: why beginners often mix paints that result in that muddy brown color. Newbies and those with experience enjoyed painting and learning together. One attendee remarked, "[Wendy] was clear, enjoyable, and inspiring. It is a special bonus to combine her talents with my favorite local library, which I appreciate immensely."

Keep your eye on the events page at the Rockridge Library, where this event and others are posted. Our librarians are dreaming up new and interesting programs all the time!

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