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Welcome to the Friends of the Rockridge Library


The Rockridge branch of the Oakland Public Library is a vital center for our community, engaging children with storytime, providing a gathering space for teens, and offering quiet spaces for reading and homework. The library is also the hub for a variety of community activities, including the Rockridge Community Planning Council, scout meetings, candidate forums, town halls, and more. While core services are funded by the City of Oakland, many important services and resources are supported by private donations to the Friends of the Rockridge Library (FORL).

FORL is an all-volunteer group founded to support our wonderful library and its staff. Thanks to generous community donations, FORL has been able to fund programs and provide resources beyond those budgeted. For example, through our donors, we’ve acquired new chairs for the reading room, funded activities for teens, expanded children’s summer programming, and added to the pool of Wi-Fi hotspot devices.

Because the Rockridge Library is only one branch among many, we also share donations with other Oakland library branches, so gifts to FORL reach further and help our broad library community.

You can learn more about the programs we fund, and make a donation, on the Support Us tab. If you'd like to receive a few updates a year about what we're up to, sign up for the Friends Newsletter.

More WiFi Hotspots now available!

WiFi Hotspots that can be checked out from the library are a vital tool for providing equitable access to the internet for all Oakland residents. Friends of the Rockridge Library recently decided to underwrite the addition of 10 hotspot devices to the existing Oakland Public Library pool. The library in turn increased the order size even more, resulting in a big gain in available hotspots available to Oakland students and community members!

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