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Libraries help shape a more equitable future

You probably know that libraries--our beloved Oakland Public Library included--provide materials and programs to educate our community on a seemingly endless array of topics. A key part of what librarians provide is assistance. Librarians are whipsmart finders and organizers of information, likely having on hand what you need even before you may have asked your first question at the reference desk.

As proof, please consider their latest resources provided to the public soon after the events in Charlottesville, VA. Librarians have assembled information for parents and teachers on talking to young people about the events with the help of children's books and other resources. Also included are books and resources for teens and adults that educate us about civic participation, civil rights, relevant laws, and justice organizations.

You can find their resource lists here: Oakland Responds: Charlottesville

Libraries are dedicated to lifelong learning for everyone among us. We're lucky to have such a shining light shaping our neighborhood.

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