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What FORL Funds: Jean's Favorites

As a former teacher (elementary and also middle school), I love that the library has established a Teen Zone. Even though accommodating the large numbers of teens who come to the library--particularly on school minimum days--can be overwhelming, the library staff has taken on the task by dedicating the upstairs rooms to the teens at particular times and also enclosing a teen computer area so that teens can have their own space without disturbing other library patrons. The video games and snacks have helped make a comfortable inviting place for teens to spend some of their after school hours.

I also appreciate the summer reading program that the Children's librarian runs with the help of FORL funds. With school being out, that summer reading program helps keep the focus on reading during the summer.

I loved the adult programming event that FORL sponsored, the tasting event with various condiments put on top of a red pepper soup. It was festive, fun, well-organized and gave so many of our patrons a fun, festive way to come together at the library.

The comfortable chairs in the adult reading area are crucial to creating a place where patrons can enjoy reading magazines, browsing books, and enjoying their library.

I went to the library once a week with my mother and sister all of my growing up years. The library was foundational in my development and I have been happy to contribute just a little to the library's continuing well-being for our community. I had no idea that funds for so many things came from donors. I just assumed that the state or county or city provided all that was required. Our library would be so much the poorer without all the things that are funded by FORL.

-Jean Rains

FORL board member in 2015


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